10 Reasons To Date A Stoner Chick

1. She’s gonna love food.

Say “no thanks” to the girls who will only drink water and eat salad, with no dressing. Stoner chicks are the type of girls who will add bacon, crush a whole bag of chips with you, or enjoy a doughnut with you in the middle of the night. BUT. The best part – she will probably cook for you. And it will probably taste BOMB.

2. ….but she’ll be able to handle the munchies.

You’re probably thinking… yeah she’s gonna love food, but that means she’ll probably be morbidly obese. Worry not. Stoner chicks know how to maintain the cravings; not to mention, let her hit some sativa and she’ll be motivated to work out. And let you watch her.

3. She’s probably chill as fuck.

You can laugh at all your friends while they complain to you about how crazy their girlfriends are… because, well, girls are crazy. But not yours. You get to brag to them about how you and your chick burned a joint and ate a whole pizza while watching YOUR favorite show on Netflix… because, well, she just doesn’t really give a shit what you guys do together. Not saying that she’s gonna be perfect and that getting high won’t put her OCD in overdrive, causing her to vacuum her place three times; or that she won’t get kind of quiet and tired after a long smoking session. But hey, at least she’s clean, right? And you know what comes after naps….. 😉

4. She’s easy to buy stuff for.

No more stressing over what to get your girl for Christmas, her birthday, or pretty much any other occasion. Find something that’s cute and has pot leaves on it and she will be happy. AND, when push comes to shove… buy her a gram of her favorite strain, put it in a little baggy in a little box with a little bow. Done.

5. You guys will have a better relationship than non-stoners.

Ever heard the saying, “People that smoke together, stay together”? Well, it’s true. Sharing a joint (or bow or bong or whatever) is like the ultimate bonding experience. Not to mention, if you shotgun her a some smoke, it’s like getting two people high with one hit.

6. She WILL be funny.

Dating a stoner chick is guaranteeing you that you’re not getting yourself into a boring relationship. Get her high, get her talking, and you guys will be laughing.

7. She can hang.

Remember that girl you dated that you could never bring around your guy friends because she was just… well… a downer. Your stoner girlfriend will be the opposite. She will be able to smoke with you and your friends, and – most importantly – she won’t care that you smoke with your friends. Especially since you won’t be ditching her to do it.

8. Because. Profoundness.

High ideas + hot girl……? Your stoner girlfriend will be “deeper”, if you will. And that makes for great conversations. Allll the time.

9. She has better style.

Not into the girls that take five-ever to get ready? Stoner chicks are cool with wearing their favorite loose-fitting shirt and their favorite comfy jeans. Don’t worry – guaranteed she’ll still look hot. But you also won’t have to wait around. Plus, she’s chill, remember? So who cares if she doesn’t look like a barbie doll… she’s already got you.

10. The sex though.

Everyone knows high sex is the best sex. ‘Nuff said.

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