10 Ways To Be A Hot Stoner Chick

1. Learn it.

Nobody likes someone who claims to smoke all the time, but doesn’t know shit. Learn the lingo, learn how a bong works, learn the difference between indica and sativa…. Don’t be the girl that just wears HUF socks and smokes weed.

2. Don’t let yourself go.

Everyone knows that there is a huge stigma attached to people to smoke weed: they’re lazy, unmotivated, and a negative influence to society. No. If you’re going to smoke like Marley, keep your shit together. Keep your grades up in school, keep going to work, and don’t be too lazy to make yourself presentable every day.

3. Keep the munchies under control.

Okay… we know that when you’re super baked, it’s super easy to scarf down an entire thing of ice cream because it just tastes sooo damn good. But girl, you gotta control yourself. Let yourself indulge every once in a while, but don’t over eat every time you get high. If you can’t seem to tell the munchies no, get yourself some fruit. Yum.

4. Stay natural.

Really. You don’t need to wear an inch of makeup. The marijuana culture is all about nature and purity… rep that and keep the foundation and black eyeliner to a minimum.

5. Wear hemp.

There is no better way to show your support for the herb than to wear it! Get yourself some hemp bracelets, clothes… hell, get yourself some hemp everything! However, keep the pot leaves to a minimum.

6. Have your own shit.

You can’t claim to be a stoner chick if you don’t own your own pipe and lighter. Most importantly, always bring your own bud. Nobody likes a mooch, but everyone likes a pretty girl who is always prepared.

7. Acquire a good taste of music.

There is nothing better than getting baked and soaking up some dope tunes. Be the girl that always has the right playlist at the right time. Nobody wants to listen to Miley Cyrus, that’s a guaranteed mood killer.

8. Be nice to everyone.

Stoners are all about peace and good vibes. If you’re a bitch to everyone, stoners are sure to stay away from you.

9. Be down. Be chill.

When you’re high, everything is fun. A girl who is down to try new things is a girl that people definitely want to be around.

10. Don’t ditch your non-smoking friends, and don’t pressure them to smoke.

If you wanna smoke, then smoke. But it doesn’t make you any cooler if you have less friends. And it doesn’t make people like you when you try and make them do something they don’t want to do. Keep it to yourself.

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