Battling The Munchies

Staying trim isn’t the easiest thing in the world.. and it’s definitely harder for stoners. I mean, when I’m high I never reach for the celery sticks! Nahh… pass me the Doritos and a slushie to wash them down!

Now, just wait.. Health is important and binging while high can be really unhealthy- even if it is just every now and again. Here are some tips and tricks to help you avoid the munchies and still fit in your jeans!

First off- Fruit. Nature’s candy. Who knew that apples weren’t just for making bowls? Fruit is great for satisfying that high time sweet tooth. My go-to is the clementine. They’re fun to peel, will help to make your hands stop reeking, and they’re wicked sweet! A muuuuch better alternative to an entire bag of skittles. Some more great options are strawberries, apricots, and pineapple- but it doesn’t stop there!

You’d be surprised how much difference just splitting that pizza four ways instead of demolishing the whole thing yourself will make. Your buddies, and your cholesterol will thank you.

Plan your meals out… before you smoke! Solo or with the crew, don’t order food when you’re already high. You’ll probably get distracted and carried away and the next thing you know, there’s a burger… wings…. cheesy fries… AND a milkshake in front of you. Damn. That just made me hungry. Bottom line- if you plan on going to a restaurant after you’ve lit up make sure to have an idea of what you’re going to order before you get baked.

With these tips, don’t forget you still deserve a treat every now and again! There’s no need to deprive yourself, feel guilty, or beat yourself up over your food choices. If you want the chocolate, eat. the. chocolate. Just opt for a few Kisses instead of a whole candy bar!

Pizza, pasta, burgers- it’s all good in moderation.

The best thing about life- it’s not perfect and you’re allowed to “mess up” sometimes! 🙂

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