Stoner Girl’s Emergency Kit

How you doin’?

Every stoner girl needs and emergency kit stuffed with goodies for getting baked! (Goodies for getting baked! Get it? ) These essentials have saved my ass more than a few times, and your friends will love you for having them too!

First up- An extra lighter. Or matches, but I always end up breaking them.

Rolling papers. Even if you normally just smoke bowls, carry a pack around.

Get yo self a knife! You can swipe your little brother’s keychain pocket knife, OR be a big girl and get a Swiss army knife. If you start carrying it around, you’ll be amazed how much you use it. They have baby scissors in there!!

Eye drops. Duh.

A few sample bottles of perfume.

Dryer sheets! You can rub them on your clothes to freshen up or use them as make shift sploofs.

Fruity gum. It’s the best way to cure your cottonmouth.

Some green. No, not bud… Keep at least $10-$15 bucks in case you get stuck and have to get a taxi or another emergency arises. Just try your best not to drop it on a Wiz Khalifa shirt or an obscene amount of convenience store snacks.

Put all your essentials in a pencil case, a clutch, or a even a small tin and throw the whole thing in your bag! Your buddies will hail you as the girl that has everything! And lets be honest, that’s a pretty great title.

Peace, babes! 🙂

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