The Truth About Guys and Stoner Girls

So,  you smoke weed. You enjoy smoking weed. You really like it. You love it. We got it.

But you also like men. You like them a lot, and you want to date them. However, you want to be able to smoke and find a guy that’s gonna love you. So, the real question is: are guys attracted to girls that smoke weed?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no good answer for that. Like anything else, it really comes down to what the person prefers. BUT, we can give you the two sides of the story and the in-between.

“No, definitely not. I hate drug addicts” kinda guys….

Yeahhhh… even though sometimes it seems like it, but not everyone’s lives are graced with the beauty of Mary Jane. Many people – unfortunately – still see marijuana as a life-ruining drug that has nothing beneficial to it. If you encounter these kinds of guys, they’re not going to like you. It’s probably best to look the other way, anyway. Not that men who are against marijuana are bad, but with that attitude, they’re probably close-minded. You won’t get along with a guy like that anyway.

“Fuck yeah! Girls that smoke weed are the best” kinda guys….

Honestly, if you encounter a guy like this, he probably smokes. He probably smokes as much as you do, if not more. These guys are – of course – attracted to girls that are into the same things as him. If you’re a super stoner chick, it’s more than likely you’ll attract guys who also smoke.

Buyer beware, though. Some guys that smoke think it’s okay for them, but not for their girl. (Which is super unfortunate for them because dating a stoner chick is the best, by the way.)

“Welllll… it depends” kinda guys….

This is what we mean by the in-between guys. Whether they smoke or not, they like stoner chicks. But they like girls who smoke weed under certain circumstances.

“I don’t like the girls who look like total hippies with ratty looking hair and smelly clothes.”

“Girls that are high alllll the time… no thank you.”

“It’s nice to have someone to pass the blunt to every once in a while, but I don’t like when it starts controlling her world.”

“I hate the habit, not the person.”

“If I’m smoking with her, it’s okay. But I wouldn’t want a girl that smokes every day or every week even.”

are some of the reasons that we frequently come across with the in-beween guys.

Bottom Line…

If you’re looking for a straight up answer to whether guys are attracted to girls who smoke weed more than girls who don’t…. you’re going to come up empty handed. It all comes down to the person, what they like, and what they’re looking for. However, we can tell you this: guys find smoking marijuana to be better than smoking cigarettes. So put the cig out.

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